Cats Hate Donald Trump

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 08/17/2016 Views: 760

As cats express their disdain for Donald Trump, Chris suggests a way that the GOP candidate can win them over. (1:36)

Donald Trump is strugglingin the polls lately

because he has low approvalratings among many key groups.

Like women, minorities,young people,

people who wear shoeswhen they go to work, and...

and those who want the president

to have a basic graspof decency and grammar.

Uh, now,our research has uncovered

yet another key demographicthat's coming out against Trump.

Who is it?A) Hoverboard enthusiasts?

B) The cast of the 1993 actionmovie Demolition Man?

Very specific group.

-Or C) Cats?-(laughter)

-Jimmy. -Cats because his hairlooks like he just murdered one.

-HARDWICK: Yes.-(laughter)


For the an...

The answer, of course,when it's always on this show,

and it's a question of cats,the answer is always cats.

Uh, let's take a look.

(Trump speaking quietly on TV)





The cat has recognizedthe beast!

-(laughter) -This will surelyturn the Internet against Trump,

-'cause cats are so beloved!-A pussy always knows

-a bigger pussy.-It does, yes.

Uh, I do think I know somethinghe could do to get them back.

HARDWICK:Classic. Classic.

-Okay, I'll vote for him!-Okay!

-Fine!-Oh, Keyboard Trump!