Bryan Gutmann - Meeting Place

Season 2, Ep 0203 06/28/2007 Views: 1,234

Bryan Gutmann offers home fire safety tips. (1:25)

people do something,

thinking they're helping

and they're not.

Like, just doinga really bad job of it.

You know, like they have tips

on what to do in caseyour house is on fire

you know, like,

home fire safety tips.

My favorite one is,they always say,

have a meeting placeoutside the house.

You know, that waywhen you realize

your house is on fire,

just run outto the old meeting place

and avoid being in harm's way.

But I don't care who you are,

you have to feel likethe world's biggest (bleep)

if you're the first one there.

You know, how awkward is that?

Like, right, the tree.

Oh, okay.

O... kay.

Well, that is really a fire.


I hope everything'scool in there.

Still nobody here.

And I guess it didn'tmake much sense

to lock up when I left.

All right