Donald Trump: TIME's Person of the Year

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 12/07/2016 Views: 223

TIME magazine made Donald Trump its Person of the Year despite his past complaints, so Jon Gabrus, Mamrie Hart and Joe Randazzo name other lists that he loathes. (1:35)

Time magazine'sperson of the year

is our president-electand person who definitely

at some point in his lifehas yelled, "Seize him!"

-Donald Trump.-(laughter)

Now, he's an '80s movie villain,you guys.

He's an '80s movie villain.

He's the one, who whatever thatstory is, he keeps the nerds

from accomplishingwhatever thing it is, and then,

they got to, in the end, like,teach him a lesson.

He's like, "Nerds!"Like, that's him.

Now, if you're not a Trump fan,I would like to remind you

the title goes to someonewho is influential,

not someone who is necessarily,like, the greatest person ever.

If that was the case,every year,

it would just go to The Rock.

I mean,he's the greatest person ever.

-I mean, every...-(applause and cheering)

Why don't they just... do that?

To help.... to help keep thingsin perspective,

here's what a wise manonce said on Twitter.

Quote, "The Time magazine list

"of the 100 most influentialpeople is a joke

"and a stunt of a magazinethat will,

like Newsweek, soon be dead.Bad list!"

Who said that again? Oh, right.

Time magazine's 2016man of the year,

-Donald Trump. -Oh!-(people groaning)

Uh, so, comedians,what other list

does Donald Trumpconsider to be bad?

Joe Randazzo.

Uh, list of the 2.8 millionmore people who actually voted

for Hillary Clintonin the election than him.

All right, I will give youpoints for that.

(applause and cheering)

Mamrie Hart.

The waiting listfor a new Slovenian wife.

-HARDWICK: Points.-(laughter)


Who wantsto be the second First Lady?

HART (laughing):Yeah.

-Jon Gabrus.-Schindler's list.

Not the movie,but the actual list.

-Okay, all right, points.-(laughter, groaning, applause)

I'll give you points for that.