A Saudi Prince's Falcons Travel in Style

The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston - January 30, 2017 Season 1, Ep 1 01/31/2017 Views: 413

El Pres, KFC and Big Cat react to a Saudi prince's extravagant decision to buy airfare for his 80 pet falcons. (1:39)

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Again, I don't wantto keep giving creditto the Internet gods,

but this storythat came out today --

a Saudi prince bought80 airline tickets for falcons,

the bird that fly,not the kind Atlanta --

By the way, side note --

A little weird thatthere's a falcon story.

That's a bad omen.That's a bad omen.

What do we think of a --

And before I give youmore on this,

there's this quote.I looked it up.

I did the most researchI've ever done for this show.

So here we go.

Qatar --Did I pronounce that --

Qatar Airlines actuallyon their website has this --

"You are permittedto carry one falcon on board

the economy class passengerof an aircraft.

And a maximumof six falcons

are permitted withinthe economy class."

If you go to business,you can buy as many as you want.

80 falcons.

What do you got on the Saudiprince, falcons? Big Cat?

Well, it sounds likein Saudi Arabia

falcons are likeour dogs, right?

That's what it sounds like.That's what I'm getting at.

Sort ofsounds like that.

This is a moment, though,where the apocalypse is coming

because God is lookingat this moment and saying,

"I made these birdsthat can fly,

and now you're putting themin a bigger flying instrument?

[Bleep] this. I'm out."

That's why this isthe perfect, ultimate example

of [bleep] you money.

Also, side note --

For the falcon, to put it on,they have to wear a seatbelt,

and you have to puta pee mat underneath them.

That's got to be chaoson that plane.

That does sound like a dog,but you can't train a falcon.

I know nothingabout falcons.

I know falcons will turn on youthe second you let them.

Question.I just thought of this.

If the plane's going down,

do they open it upand let the falcons go out?

You have to.You have to.

-Save yourselves, falcons.-Have to.