Apartment Bonnaroo

06/09/2016 Views: 959

Two Bonnaroo attendees have a little too much fun preparing for the festival. (1:48)

- Oo, this place is dope Drew.

Good call getting a place so close to Bonaroo, my man.

- Oh yeah, man, all thedrugs, music, and food

a growing boy needs.

- Speaking of, Drew.

- [Both] Shrooms, shrooms, shrooms, shrooms, shrooms.

(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)

- Bonaroo!

♪ We get real crazy

(upbeat music, cheering)


(upbeat music)

♪ We get real crazy

- We love you!

- We love you, man.

- Thank you for the water.

- Okay, it's pizza and you haven't paid me

but you can have it for free, just let me go, okay?

I've got to get out of here.



- Excuse me, sorry, excuse me.


Come on, Drew, Igot to pee, man.

- Sorry, dude, I made a real stinky mess in there.

- Fine.

Oh my God, oh.

- Not answering their phones.

- Where the hell are those guys?

- Losers missed the entire festival.

- Happy Bonaroo, guys!

- Happy 'Roo!

- You guys know you never actually made it

into Bonaroo, right?

- They do this every year.

- This band sucks.