Lil Rel Howery - Racist Doorman

Kevin Hart Presents Lil Rel Howery: RELevent Season 1, Ep 1 09/05/2015 Views: 3,748

Lil Rel's black doorman finds it hard to believe that a fellow black man can afford to live there. (1:23)

I'm happy, like I live in NewYork now.

And I got a doorman.

You're like-- youknow what I mean?

Like, that's-- a doorman?

No more, like, let metell you, black people be

racist to other black people.

He a black doorman.

He ain't believe I live there.

He still don't believeI live there, honestly.

He always giving me shit.

Old black man, so [bleep] mean.

Like, he phony too.

Like, when like, otherpeople walk in he

be like, oh how you doing?

Hey, good to see you.

OK, this is your dog?Oh, you have a package.

I'm OK.

Oh, oh wait a minuteyoung brother.

Where the [bleep] you going?

No, no, who is you sir?

Who-- wait, wait, where youthink you're going young blood?

No, I'm talking toyou young blood.

Where you going?

Like, no sir.

I-- I live here man.

I just moved in.

You live here?

You can't afford to live here.

Hey look man, you don'tknow what I could do, Joe.

You know what I mean?Like, I'm-- I live here.

You know?

I-- I got a TV show.

What is it?

It's on TruTV.

I ain't never heardof that shit, TruTV.

You ain't no SouthBeach [inaudible].

I never saw your SouthBeach [inaudible].

I ain't seen you pawn shit.

No, I'm a successful comedian.

I got a TV show.

I'm doing-- Youain't a comedian.

Where your Steve Harvey suit at?

You ain't made it till yougot you a zoot suit.