Infinite Benders

Benderama Season 6, Ep 15 06/23/2011 Views: 84,404

The Planet Express crew must kill Bender's many clones before they overrun the planet. (2:03)

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Scruffy, what is that tinyBender doing in my soup?

It appears to be givingyou the finger, sir. Enjoy.

(Bender belches, laughs)

(Bender screams)

(pings softly)


(beeping, bell dings)


This placeis crawling with you's!

So there'smore Benders around.

As far as I'm concerned,that's good news.

PROFESSOR:Bad news, everyone.

Look at this infinite seriesrepresenting the mass

of successivegenerations of Benders.


(Amy and Hermes gasping)

Don't wait for me.

It's non-convergent!

Oh, dip!

Unless we quicklyexterminate them,

they'll replicate ad infinitum

and consumeall the matter on Earth.

(all gasp)

According to my calculations,

there are 11 generationsat the moment.

That's 2,046 total Benderswe need to destroy.

Wait, does that include me?

(shot fires, Bender groans)


Too bad he didn'thave his own Bible.

Just 2,045 more to go.

(blowing raspberry)