Uncle Zoid's Pitch

That's Lobstertainment! Season 3, Ep 8 01/24/2008 Views: 3,856

Dr. Zoidberg meets his uncle in Hollywood for lunch and learns about the film he just wrote. (1:46)

That's where I'mmeeting Uncle Zoid

for lunch to discussmy Hollywood dreams.

Next time you see me, don't besurprised if I've eaten.

( bleating )

Uncle Zoid, you're looking youngenough to be thrown back.

Rich nephew.

Come over here and giveyour uncle a nice big meal.

( grunts )

So, here we are,a still-famous film comedian...

...and a rich, respected doctorwith many surviving patients.

Eating real foodin a restaurant

as we both often do.

So, you want to bea comedian, is it?

It's my lifelong dream.

Well, that dream dies now!

You're unfunnyand untalented.

That's why you'reperfect for drama.

Hmm... serious drama.

Perhaps it is timeto give up comedy.

( all laughing )

I'm putting togethera big drama picture

right now, as we speak.

The script is dynamite!

I know, becauseI wrote it myself.

And with me directingand starring

I'll be back on topafter 50 miserable years...

...of fame.

Ah, fame.Where do I come in?

This fame film hasa juicy part for you

if you completely finance itwith your doctor money.

So, are you in?

Uh, okay.How much do I have to invest?

Oh, not much, not much.

A million dollars.

Then it's settled.

Another blockbusterHollywood deal.

What can I getyou gentlemen?

Is bread free?


We'll split an order.