Donald Trump's Cool New Immigration Policy

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 08/16/2016 Views: 304

Donald Trump announced that his immigration plan would include an intense ideological test, so Maz Jobrani, Gina Yashere and Jon Dore guess what questions would be on it. (1:43)

Things are looking grimfor the presidential candidacy

of swollen Nicolas Cagecharacter Donald Trump.


He's respondingto dropping poll numbers

by softening his rhetoricand taking a more reasoned,

compassionate tonewith his speeches.

Nah, I'm just (bleep) with you.

He's headed backto the bat (bleep) buffet

for another heaping helpingof jingoistic nonsense.

Here he is talking abouthis cool new immigration policy.

I call it "extreme vetting."

I call it extreme...

extreme vetting.

(laughter) -Wait.I'm a little... I'm a little

unclear on that.What kind of vetting was that?

Was that just normal,run-of-the mill vetting,

or extreme?!

(applause and cheering)

-♪ -I call it extreme...

extreme vetting.

(applause and cheering)


-That works? That works?-Yeah.

Oh, yeah.

-The kids love heavy vetting.-(laughter)

Now this totally bitching newpolicy would require immigrants

to take an intense loyalty test

to prove that they'reas American as (bleep)

enough for Trump's U.S. of A.

I guess if this questionnairebecomes a reality, what's

a question you think Trumpmight put on it? Maz Jobrani.

He's gonna say, "I'm gonna dosome word association with you.

"I'm gonna give you a word.

"You say the first thingthat comes to your mind.

Allahu Akbar!"


-HARDWICK: All right.-(applause and cheering)


I think he's gonna asksome hard questions,

see if he can catch you at it.

He'd be like, "What do youprefer-- hot dogs and fireworks

on the Fourth of July,or September the 11th?!"


-(applause and cheering)-Ah, oh. Ah, oh. Oh, no!

Jon Dore.

He'd probably say,"Are you a rapist?

-I mean, Mexican?"-(laughter)