Extended - Farewell to the Commander in Tweet: Thanks, Obama - Uncensored

Extended - Thursday, January 19, 2017 - Uncensored 01/19/2017 Views: 388

As Barack Obama's presidency comes to an end, Stephanie Simbari, Brian Posehn and Dave Anthony deliver heartfelt messages to the commander-in-chief. (1:49)

Sure, sometimes Obama was about

as funny as your dad after three

glasses of schnapps.

>> Thanks, Obama.


>> Aw...

>> HARDWICK: Huh, you get this


He's all like, "See? I'm in on

the joke.

Also, does anyone know my

Facebook password?"

But the man knew what would go

viral, like this clip from the

Whitehouse Correspondents'


>> And with that, I just have

two more words to say:

Obama out.


>> HARDWICK: Yeah. Mike drop!

Sound the presidential air horn!

(air horn playing "Hail to the


Oh, my God. You know, I was

watching this...

Imagine the next Correspondents'

Dinner, huh?

Imagine the next Correspondents'


It's gonna be, like, fuckin'



Comedians, since this is the end

of an era, give a farewell

message to our first commander

in tweet.


>> Miss you already, pal.

If you need any White House shit

prank ideas, DM me.

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

(applause, whooping)

Dave Anthony.


President Obama, I'm gonna miss

your... normal, adult-sized


>> Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


>> HARDWICK: Hey. Can I tell you

something, though?

Let me tell you something, Dave,

on the plus side, Trump's baby

hands are gonna make your cock

look huge.


>> Uh...

they already do.

>> Ish.

>> HARDWICK: Stephanie.

>> Dear Barack Obama, I'm gonna

miss having a president that

smells like sandalwood and

power, 'cause now we have one

that smells like a grandma's