Nick Cobb - Rejection

Season 4, Ep 0402 10/23/2009 Views: 7,167

You ever get dumped while you were stoned? It's not that bad. Just so long as you don't also have a Fruit Roll-Up situation. (2:18)

you ever get dumpedwhen you were stoned?

Has that ever happenedto anybody?

It's not that bad, honestly.


If you're going to go down, youmight as well go down smiling.


My ex-girlfriend was,"I don't love you anymore."

I was like...(sighs)

"Guess I'll let thatbother me tomorrow.

"I'm a little more concerned

"with the Fruit Roll-Upssituation right now.


Worry about whateveryou got going."

I think the worst rejection

is, like, that laughingrejection, you know.

A girl'll be like...

(laughing):"I can't believe you bothered."

Like I went up to a girlat a dance club.

I said, "Hey, I'm Nick.Do you want to dance?"

She's like...

(laughing):"No, not at all.


"Not at all.

"That'll be funny tomorrow,(bleep).

"Can I take a picture of you?

That's so funthat you would do that."

And they-- and they telltheir friends

before you've even gottena chance to walk away.


They turn right around,you're still there.

They're like, "Can you believe

"he asked me to dance?

"Right th-- yeah,that guy right there,

him right there, yeah."

You ever--you ever watch two women

when they find out that they'regoing to see each other later--

how pumped up they get about it?

They're so intenseabout even the possibility

of maybe seeing each otherin three months.

I was at a bar

with a couple of girls,and one goes,

"I'm thinking about going toJodie's party in a few months."

Other girl barely heard it,but she was like,

"W-What, what,what did you just say?"

"Jodie's party in a few months."

(gasping):"Oh, my God."

"Wait, you're going?""We're both going.


Oh, my God!"

"Oh, my-- I love you!"

"I love you, too!"

And you thinkthat they like each other,

but then you're walkinginto one of 'em and she's like,

"I hate that bitch.