Maronzio Vance - "Extreme Home Makeover"

Maronzio Vance Season 1, Ep 8 06/01/2012 Views: 13,835

Even though Maronzio Vance doesn't always agree with the decisions made on "Extreme Home Makeover," he still loves to watch it. (1:55)

I should have been more,I guess...


in, like, studying my set

or just go over some jokesor whatever, but I didn't.

I sat in my hotel room

and I watched, uh,reality shows,

which I don't likebut I watch them

to make sure thatI still don't like them. Um...

And I got caught up watching Extreme Home Makeover.

Now, I must say,I love the show.

And if you don't cryby the end of it,

you're not a human being

because these people getstuff... I'd be like,

"Oh, my God."Well, I get excited.

And by the end, I'm hating'cause I'm like,

"How does this childhave a tree house

inside their house?"

Like that doesn'teven make sense, so...

And I'm watching Extreme Home Makeover...

Some of the cities,I don't agree with that they do.

Like, they did Detroit one time.

And I was like,"Come on, really, Detroit?"

Like, if I lived in Detroitand they came to my house,

and they were like, "Hey, wewant to give you a new house."

I'd be like, "Look, can I speakto y'all for a second?"

"Excuse me.

"Come here...

"Look, um...

Can you just move us?"

"I-I'm just saying, like,if that's an option, please.

"Like, if you're not going to dothe whole city,

there's no point, like..."

If you haveever been to Detroit,

you would understandwhy I made that joke.

Uh... let me tell youhow bad Detroit looks.

If I was running the country

and we were under alien attack,

I would automatically say,"Let's dub Detroit, Earth."

That way when aliens land here,

they will go to Detroitand be like,

"Oh, they alreadytook this place over.

"Let's get out of here.

"I'll leave 'em some moneyor something.

"Because they're...

...they're struggling."