Uncensored - Jeff Ross - Too Many Guns

Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail Season 1, Ep 101 06/13/2015 Views: 121,590

Jeff Ross discusses the high incarceration rate in America and explains how easy it is to buy a gun. (0:56)

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Incarceration in America isa $75 billion industry.

That's what--They say crime doesn't pay?

It pays, it just doesn't payyou mother(bleep).

Right now, in some states,there's guys locked up

for stuff that's now becomelegal in that same state.

How crazy would thatmake somebody?

Right now, there's people inprison in the state of Florida

for shooting a black teenager.

That's practically a misdemeanorin Florida right now.

'Cause it's too easyto get guns in this country.

How many people here have ownedguns in their lives?

Damn.(man)It's Texas.

I know it's Texas, man.

(man)Everybody's got a gun.

Walmart sells guns24 hours a day.

They sell booze till midnight.


So if you really want a drink,

you can buy a gunand rob Walmart.