A Topless Protester Grabs a Wax Donald Trump

January 18, 2017 - Samantha Power 01/18/2017 Views: 39,618

A female protester in Spain goes topless at the unveiling of a Donald Trump statue, and Trevor believes she may just have the key to grabbing the president-elect's attention. (2:31)

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But let's begin tonightwith a major protest in Spain.

NEWSMAN: During the unveiling of a Donald Trump statue

at a Wexford Museum in Madrid,3

a bare-breasted activist from the feminist group FEMEN

staged a protest.

The protestor revealed a slogan in English suggesting

that patriarchy should be grabbed by the genitals.

Grab patriarchy by the balls!

Grab patriarchyby the balls!


(whooping, cheering)

-(applause)-You know...

there-there are timeswhen I don't know

if I'm happy or sadabout a Trump presidency.

'Cause this is one of thosewhere you're, like:

more protests,but now they're topless?

-(laughter) -This is, like,a weird thing, you know?

It's, like, a boob protest.

And-and by the way, by the way,I just want to say, uh,

-kudos to whoever it was...-(laughter)

that made that statue.

Because it's super realistic.Look at it.

Yeah, it doesn'tlook human at all,

-which is just like Trump.-(laughter, applause)

-It's just like Trump.-(whistling)

If you think about it, DonaldTrump's the first famous person

to have a wax figurethat looks more real than him.

-(laughter)-I bet Trump's foundation

has already purchasedthat statue,

and he's gonnasneak it into the White House

and then go on vacationfor four years.

-Just leave it there.-(laughter)

And it'll do a better job.

Uh... but you know what,

you know what my favorite partof this protest was for me?

The poor guy from the wax museum

trying to cover that woman up

-(laughter) -Look at him,he tries to put a shirt on her.

When it doesn't work,he tries balloons.

-Look at that.-(laughter)

He's like,"I don't know what to do."

I don't know what to do!

But the balloonsdidn't cover the balloons!

-(laughter) -(bleep)How perfect is that, by the way?

I bet first he triedto block her with, uh, like,

you know, he triedwith balloons, it didn't work,

and then he was like,"Let's try these cantaloupes.

"No, that doesn't work.

"Oh, two jugs of milk? No!

"Another topless woman? Aah!

Something has to work!"

Honestly, though, this was a...

it wasa really effective protest.

You know? I'm impressed.

Because this woman,this protestor,

wrote her message on her boobs.

And that's really the only way

to get Donald Trumpto read anything.

-(laughter)-The CIA should start writing

his intelligence briefingson boobs.

I promise you now, he will wantto see that every day.

And he'll know right awaywhen they come into his office

with really big news-- he'llbe like, "Uh-oh, double-D's!

"What's going onin the Middle East?

Something's wrong.Something's wrong."

(applause, cheering, whistling)