Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening - Donald Trump Tries to Kiss Mike Pence

July 21, 2016 - Salman Rushdie 07/21/2016 Views: 1,316

Donald Trump awkwardly attempts to kiss his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence while onstage at the Republican National Convention. (4:03)

-(cheering continues)-Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Welcome to The Nightly Show.

I am Larry Wilmore.

Great crowd tonight.

-(audience chanting "Larry!")-What a week it has been.

Oh, thank you very much.Thank you very much.

We got a lotto talk about, guys.

We got to get this going.

No, I appreciate the "Larry,Larry" train, I get it, but...

There is a very significanttrain this week,

the Republican NationalConvention in Cleveland.

So let's check in withthe latest of the Unblackening.



(both screeching)

(both screeching)

Donald Trump acceptsthe nomination

and addresses the nation.


It's really happening, you guys.

Earlier this eveningDonald Trump accepted

the Republican nomination

to be Presidentof the United States.

Now, we taped our showbefore this happened,

so we don't know if anyoneis receiving this transmission.


I mean... as the Earth mayalready be a singed wasteland

at this point, we don't know.

-(imitates electronic beeping)-(laughter)

But last night was the nightto roll out the VP, Mike Pence,

also known as Jonny Quest'sbodyguard, Race Bannon.


-(applause, whooping)-Yeah. Remember that? Race?

Come on. Come on.

Uh... uh, he did so wellin his speech,

the presumptive nominee came outand was a bit presumptuous.



That was so unpleasant, man.

Wasn't it? Actually,uh, let's see that again

but from a different angle, Dre?


To be clear, to be clear,I would vote Alien over Trump.

I just want youto know that. Okay.

But what's interesting,if you see that,

you can actually see MikePence's brain working there.

Right? It's like, "Oh, my God,is he going to kiss me?

No, no. No!"


And I'm really surprisedat Trump.

There's so much irony in this.Pence is one of the most

anti-LGBT governors,and you're trying to plant

and nationally televisedman-kiss on him?

Hmm. Somebody needs to dosome vetting.

-(laughter)-Hmm. But I can't even imagine

what was really goingthrough Pence's mind, though.

-WALKER: We can!-Oh. -(others cheering)

Oh, hey, how are you?Okay, all right...

-(audience cheering) -Allour contributors, everybody.

Okay, go for it. Tell me whatwas going through Pence's mind.

-Go for it. -Well,I think Pence was thinking,

like, "Uh, you knowI'm not Ivanka, right?"

(laughter, shouting)

Oh, oh, no, wait, wait,how about this one,

how about this one--Mike Pence was like,

"This mother (bleep)smell like denture cream

-and wig glue."-(laughter)

No, no, no. No, no, I got it.He's saying,

"I defunded Planned Parenthood,but I support aborting this."

(shouting, groaning)

-Oh, yeah!-No, nah, nah, nah, nah.

You know what that was? That'show you kiss your side piece

when your wifejust showed up to the party,

-that's what that was.-(groaning, shouting)

Check this out. Okay.

Mike Penceabout to get chose...!

Nah, nah, nah.Check me out, check me out.

"My mind is telling me no,but my body is also saying no."


Yeah, that's good, that's good.

Yeah. Yeah, Mike Pence is like,

"Um, I'm not at all comf...comfortable with this.

I-I-I... I prefer three feetof personal space."

-Come on, man, what the hell-No, no. No, guys, let me...

-was that, man?-let me do another one.

-You ruined the whole thing.-I got... I have another one.

Mike Pence is all, "Pleaserespect my personal boundaries."

No, Jordan, that-that'sreally not that funny.

-Yeah. -Thanks, everybody,except Jordan.

-(applause, cheering)-Very good.

Nice try.