Cookie Party! Song

Officer Jay Season 1, Ep 1 02/01/2007 Views: 155,903

Missing her sister, Sarah sings a song to "Cookie Party." (1:40)

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[cookies screaming]



(high-pitched voices) ♪ Cookie Party, Cookie Party, Cookie Party ♪

(male announcer) Let's get ready to crumble!

You folks ready to vote?

I'm voting forthe vanilla haystack.

Oh, me too. Really?

No other cookieeven compares to it.

I know, because it's

traditionallya chocolate cookie,

but the vanilla reallylets the coconut sing.

It gives it a--


♪ Cookie Party ♪

♪ Give me somethin'...

to feel.

♪ Cookie Party ♪

♪ When she's not here,nothing's real ♪

[harmony]♪ I can't believeshe left me ♪

♪ To go and see him

♪ I can't believeshe chose him ♪

♪ Over me and

♪ Cookie Party ♪

[echoing]♪ Cookie Party ♪

♪ Cookie Party ♪

[echoing]♪ Cookie Party ♪

♪ Why's my sistersuch a dick? ♪

[owl hooting]


What's different about you?

Did you shave your beard?

Some cookie partythis turned out to be.