Nate Bargatze - Little League Star

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 7,277

Nate Bargatze recalls one of his greatest athletic accomplishments. (2:38)

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I played sports growing up,though.

I played baseball,and one time when I was playing,

I'm up to bat;I get walked.

So I go,I take my base,

I get to first base,I turn, and I look.

The catcher was stillholding the ball.

And, like, he wasn't--you know,

he was staring at me, almostlike he's daring me to run,

like, "Why don't you seeif you can go?

I don't think you can go."

And I was like,"I'm gonna go, all right?"

So I run to second.

He throws it to second,overthrows second base,

goes in the outfield.

I run to third base.

They overthrow third base,

so my coach is, like, losing it,like, telling me to go home.

Like, this is about to bean inside-the-park home run

off a walk.

I'm about to beon SportsCenter, you know?

Like, this is the biggest thingthat's ever happened in sports.

So I go.I slide.

There's a play at the plate,

and then the umpire goes,"It was only ball three."

[laughter and applause]

So I have to now get up.

I'm dirty,for no reason, apparently.

I'm out of breath.

I got to pick my bat up,exactly where I left it.

It's now three balls,two strikes.

Next pitch,immediately strike out.

Immediately strike out.

The umpire goes,"Now you can go.

Yeah, you're fine."

I did learn something, though,that day.

What I did learn was that

if you're confident, you can getaway with quite a bit, you know?

'Cause why didn't anybodystop me?

No one stopped me.

No one--they knew I wasn'tsupposed to be going.

But I was so confidentabout it that

that's why the catcherwas holding the ball going,

"What? I don't--why's he--

Is he supposedto be doing this?"

And then I run to second;it's like,

"Well, no one's that muchof an idiot.

I guess I wasn'tpaying any attention."

The ball goes in the outfield.

The outfield--they're not looking.

They think it's a hit, you know,for all they know.

And then I guess the umpireat some point realizes it

and is just like--well, it's easier for me

to get all the way back to himto tell me.

At least let me feelwhat it would feel like

to get an inside-the-parkhome run off a walk.

I was thinking about, too,

like, all the parentsin the stands,

'cause, like, they can't hearwhat's going on,

so they're just, like,watching this,

and then I bat again.

Like, they're just like,

"I guess I don'tunderstand baseball.

"I thought I knew--

"It's just--baseball's changedsince I was a kid.

"Used to--you go aroundlike that, you're done.

"You don't have to getback up there.

I don't likethese new rules."