The Premiere of "The Hangover Part III"

Smoke and Believe Season 1, Ep 9 12/30/2013 Views: 1,245

Brody interviews the stars of "The Hangover Part III" before getting into a fight with his production team. (3:22)

♪ Cruising down the street in the Valley ♪

What movie is that?Who is that right there?

Hey, Zach, it's Brody...

I wish I was in Hangover 3.



I have to live with that now.

You were in Hangover 1,you did good.

You were in Hangover 2,you were interesting.

Why aren't you in Hangover 3?What did you do wrong?

This the biggest comedyof all-time.

They don't work their scheduleor their scripts...

around the fact thatBrody Stevens...

has to be in this movie.It's okay.

He'll be in, you know,whatever the next thing is.

You're not gonna put mein Hangover 3?

I was in Hangover 1.I was in Hangover 2.

I should be in Hangover 3,but I'm not.

[BLEEP] that movie.


Westwood, California...

home of my 17-day stayat the UCLA Psych Ward.

From the psych wardto the streets...

Steven Brody Stevens reportinglive from the Hangover 3premiere.

Ken Jeong, what was itlike working with Zach?

Oh, not as good as workingwith Brody Stevens,Steven Brody Stevens.

You got it.Nothing compares to that.


You look great.You look great.

He's my-- thank you.I love you, Bradley.

Here comes Zach.Here comes Zach.

Mr. Galifianakus,Steven Brody Stevens.

Hey, Brody.

Are you excitedabout this premiere?

What's with your look?

My fedora or my glasses?

The fedora is a terrible look.

I'm media now,I'm not talent anymore.

Yeah, but every [BLEEP] actorwears a fedora.

How was the vibe on the setthis go around?

Without you there?

Just in general, how was thevibe? Did everything go smooth?

Because I was involved in thetaser scene, that was a classic.

I was on top at the Le Bua Hotelin Bangkok, flew me out there.

Business class.

The production didn't fly youout there, I flew you out there.

Yeah, but you had miles.

That really bothers me, Zach,when you say you flew me outthere to Bangkok.

How do you think itmakes me feel?

I'm so proud of you, Zach.

I'm so proud of you.

Hold on,I'm gonna Vine this.

WOMAN (O.S.)I don't think it's gonna work.

Hold on,stay right there, guys.



Wagner, just like,let me smoke pot when I went...

when I want.

Brody, I only havea small nugget.

But when you saidit makes me aggressive...

that pissed me off.

But then when you said theaggression, that [BLEEP]pissed me off.

So now you got me backto thinking that.

Well, don't be a [BLEEP] doctor.

You are.

Don't bring up about me smokingpot and making aggressive.

You did.You did today.

Pot makes me aggressive.