Handling a Loose Cannon

Smoke and Believe Season 1, Ep 9 12/30/2013 Views: 622

Brody and his friends discuss the difficulties that come with documenting his fragile mental health. (1:23)

for your friend.

You also get mad at your friend.You get livid.

And it's not right to get madat him...

because he's just not yet firingon all those things in the brainthat need to be fired.

We're doing a show on a guy whowas in a psych ward...

and he's on medication,but let's treat him likeeverybody else.

You're two minutes late!You're an [BLEEP]!

Oh, my god, you'reunprofessional.

You smell like pot.Everyone's sick of you!

But I'm on meds.Sorry.

I was in a hospital,you can't have it both ways.

So, if I'm on meds andI'm "bipolar", and Ihave a condition...

then treat me that way.

You know, maybe you guysdon't know how to handlea loose cannon.

You're gonna call yourselfa producer, then produce.

Nowadays, everybody thinksit's normal.

And we all act as if it'stotally cool to be filmedall the time.

That's [BLEEP] up.

What if you turned your [BLEEP]off... for eight days?

What if you don't makea TV show?

That's when the real bonkersis gonna happen.

I mean, I wouldn't, if I werehim, he's got a deal.

He's got 12 on the air,let's [BLEEP] go.

Let's make it funny.

Let's get writers to talkabout me being bipolarand then let's punch it up.

And let's have camerasaround more.

Yeah, that's gonna help.

Are you kidding me? I'm gonnasmash all these cameras and allthese lights...

and put them ona goddamn lockdown.