Stars and Bars

Season 1 , Ep 111 05/11/12 Views: 1,011

Even though Michigan is a Union territory, Jesse Popp has seen a lot of Confederate flag license plates there. (1:19)

Uh, there are

some racist people there.Um...

The way that you can tellis if they have

Confederate flag license plates,

even though it's aUnion territory. Uh...

But it won't just be aConfederate flag,

it'll be like aConfederate flag and a deer.

Or like a Confederate flagand a guy fishing.

So it's kind of likethem saying,

"You know, I like to hunt.

"But also, I'm racist.

"Just so you know...

as I'm driving past you."Uh...

So I was talking to this guyand he goes,

"Man, white boys like mecan't go to Detroit."

And I used to live in Detroit.So I said,

"You know, I'm a white boy likeyou. I used to live there.

I think you'll be fine."And he goes,

"Oh, yeah? Well, not if I tookmy gun and wore stars and bars."

And I was like, well,that's probably true.

But, uh, is that your beef?

That you can't go in theredressed up like their archenemy?

Is that really the problem?

Like, you know, it's like,

"So I, you know,so I went in to Applebee's

"in my Friday's uniform

"and I was kicking over thetables and pissing on stuff.


"And they're like, 'Hey, whatgives? Get out of here.'

So you know, there goesthe neighborhood." Um...