Taking Off the Hospital Bracelet

Conan! Season 1, Ep 6 12/16/2013 Views: 815

Brody talks through some feelings with his mom and sister before he tapes "Conan," and then he is finally able to do something that he's been meaning to do for a long time. (1:49)


Oh, hi, Stephanie.Hello.

Great to see you.Great to see you.

Come on in.

Are you nervous about today?Tonight with Conan?

A little bit, I'm nervousin a sense that they maynot get me...

or they may not like meor I'll mess up,but you know what?

That's just normal...Right.

thoughts that probably allcomedians go through.

You know, Mom's happy,look at her, she's smiling.

She's excited.She's seen her two children.

Sitting six inches apart.

Sitting six inches aparton a made air mattress.

STEPHANIE (O.S.):Did you ever thinkyou'd see this day?

No, I didn't.


Because they're alwaysso far apart.

So, um, in honor of your tapingof Conan...

so I made you likea little good-luck bracelet.

You did?I did.

So, it's one of these ones thatpulls, so you want to try it on?


But I don't know if you'llneed to take your hospitalbracelet off.

I want to take offthe hospital bracelet.

I've been waiting to cut it off.

Yeah, why do you stillhave it on?

Ah, just a reminderof where I was at.

Why do you want to bereminded all the time?

Just remind-- reminds meof what I went through.

Let's cut this thing off,Stephanie. Mom, we're doing it.

Okay, good.

We are doing it.

Well, this is--

It's kind of like not working.

You have to have leveragewith one full hand.

Just don't cut the br--you're gonna cut the--

Stephanie, I know that.

Mazel tov.Good, good.

It's off.All right, that's good.

Not there anymore.

Short sleeves on Conan,let's do this.