Nate Bargatze - Yelled at by a Clown

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 1,944

Nate Bargatze explains the pros and cons of having a clown for a father. (1:49)

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I love doing comedy.

I was--there was a timeI was gonna quit.

I was gonna quit early on.

I tried.

Then there was no oneto quit to,

no one.

Here's why I do it,or I think why.

My dad--my dadis an entertainer as well.

He's a magician.

Still is a magician.

Started as a clown.

Just, you know,I don't want to come off

like I comefrom some rich magic family...


And I'm better than you guys.

You know,he paid his dues,

his clown dues.

It's weirdwhen your dad's a clown.

It's weird every day.


It's--I nevertrusted clowns, you know?

Like, have you everbeen yelled at by a clown?

I have.

Do you know how confusingthat is,

to get screamed at by a guy

that's got a smilepainted on his face?


You're like,"Is this not the same clown

those kids are gonna seeoutside?"

He was a clowntill I was about 12 and 13,

and that's about as long asyou want your dad to be a clown.

When you're six and seven,there's perks, absolutely.

By the time you're 12 and 13,kids at school are like,

"Is he still doing that?"

You're like,"You know, off and on.

"All right, guys?

"Yeah, he's almostfull-time magic, so..."

I--like, it's funny, too,when I tell people

that my dad was a clown.

People will just be like,"Oh, I hate clowns."

It's like, "Hey, remember--remember that time

I just said my dad was a clown?"

[laughter and applause]

"I just said that.

You're just like,'I hate your father.'"