Uncensored - Extended - Artie Lange - Supportive Tweets

Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure Season 1, Ep 101 10/18/2014 Views: 2,098

Before starting his show, Artie Lange shares some surprising tweets from his biggest fans. (1:00)

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- So, thank you for comin' to Newark.

I'd like to read some supportive tweets

I got before we get started.

Yeah, my Twitter followers, these are people,

keep in mind, that are following me.

They're my big fans.

I announced on Twitter a couple of days ago

that I'd be doing my ownComedy Central special,

and here's a couple of tweets I got back from my big fans.

A kid in Iowa wrote, "Eat a dick, fatty."

(audience laughing)

- [Man] How many calories?

- Thank you.


A woman in Montanawrote, "Try not to look

"like an enormous piece of whale shit."

(audience laughing)

And this was topical, from a kid in Jersey.

"Heard you're doing a stand up special in Newark.

"Did the Special Olympics add a comedy event?"