The Female Perspective on Donald Trump's Sexual Assault Scandal

October 13, 2016 - Ana Navarro & Jidenna 10/13/2016 Views: 46,181

Desi Lydic explains how Donald Trump is using Bill Clinton's past sex scandals to attack Hillary Clinton. (1:37)

For more analysis on this latestturn in the presidential race,

we turn now to seniorelection correspondent

Desi Lydic, everybody.

(cheers and applause)

Thanks, Trevor.

For us women,it truly is the best of times

and the worst of times.

We've never felt so empowered

and yet so demeanedat the same time.

Like this morningon the way to work

when a construction workeryelled at me,

"You deserve equal pay,sugar tits!"

It was sweet.

Now, Desi, the Trump campaignseems to be going all in

on Bill Clinton.

So, what do you think this meansfor Hillary?

Well, surprise.

That is her fault, too.

It's like that old saying,

"Behind every bad manis a blamable woman."

There's really no one to blamefor Bill's sordid past

other than Hillary.

Oh, but, Desi, I mean, if Bill'sfailures are Hillary's fault,

then shouldn't Hillary also getcredit for his successes?

Oh, yeah, like Hillary has anycontrol over what Bill did.

But wait, you--wait, you just said...

Why are you listeningto what I say?

Oh... You're an idiot, Trevor.

And shame on mefor letting you be an idiot.

Look, it's simple.

If your man harasses someoneelse in the first place,

why couldn't you keep himin line?

And if you don't leave him,well, you're an enabler.

It's like a coin tosswhere both sides are tails...

that he chased.

Or head... that he got.

The point is, you don't even getto keep the coin!

Yeah, wow, that sounds likea lose-lose for Hillary.

Thanks, Desi.

Desi Lydic, everyone!