Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Jaime Camil the Virgin?

06/29/2016 Views: 876

Actor Jaime Camil faces one of the toughest Keep It 100 questions yet. (Hint: It involves sex, time travel and Donald Trump.) (1:25)

(soft music)

- I'm here with Jaime Camil.

It's time for the game we like to call Keep it 100.

Keep it 100.

You know how this works, man.

You've got to keep your answer 100% real.

If you do, get one of these.

- Okay.

- [Larry] Weak tea, right?

- Yes, all right.

- [Larry] Okay, you ready?

- Yeah.

- You, Jaime, you and you alonecan stop a Trump presidency.

Here's what you have to do.

All you have to do is go back in time.

You're getting a time machine for this.

- That's cool.

- You go back in time to the moment before you had

sex of any kind,including menage a uno.

- All right.

- And then live out yourentire life as a virgin.

Hence, Jane the Virgin,see how we did that?

- All right.

- Your entire life as a virgin.

Are you doing it?

Would you go through life as Jaime the Virgin?

- Keep it 100! - [Jaime] Hell no!

What the, if I'm a virgin he will become president?

- If you don't do anything, he becomes president

but if you do this, you stop it.

Stop it cold.

- If I don't have sex?

- Correct.

- No, I think I'm goingto have to embrace

the fact that he will become president.

(audience laughing, clapping)

- All right, you kept it 100!

- Thank you.

- There you go.