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Jamie Lee, Brian Moses and Michelle Buteau shed light on little-known backup singers for solo musicians. (1:43)

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It's time for Back That Shit Up.

Yesterday marked the anniversary

of the death of Sir Edmund

Hillary, the famous explorer

known for being the first person

to reach the summit of Mount


Yes, the very first person to

reach the summit-- he was the


Yes, indeed, just him.

Just him.

And his Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay,

the guy right fucking next to

him in the picture, who climbed

the mountain at the exact same

fucking time!

In fact, Tenzing Norgay gets so

little credit for climbing

Everest that Microsoft Word

doesn't even recognize his

fucking name in the sentence!

He did just as much work as

Hill, and Hillary gets all the


Fuckin' white people!

Tenzing... Tenzing Norgay is the

Art Garfunkel of mountain


So, comedians, in honor of the

forgotten Norgay and Garfunkel,

it is time to give credit where

credit is due.

I would like you to take a solo

artist and tell me, uh, who

their little-known backup band


In 60 seconds. And begin.

Jamie Lee.

>> The Weeknd and the Monday

Through Fridays.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> Uh, Mariah Carey featuring

Milli Vanilli.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> Um, Britney Spears and the


>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> Michael Jackson and the

Jackson 5-Year-Olds.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> Too soon!

The president-elect and his ten

tiny fingers.


>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.

Nicely done. Brian.

>> Uh, Macklemore and the White


>> HARDWICK: Points. Jamie.

>> Kenny G and the Camel Toe Mom


>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> Kylie Jenner and all the

creepy rappers that want to fuck


>> HARDWICK: Points. Brian.

>> Uh, Stevie Wonder and the

guys who read his mail to him.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.