Darryl Lenox - Bills Don't Care

Season 1, Ep 0105 08/10/2006 Views: 2,671

Bills don't care about race, religion or what happened in your past. (0:36)

in America,

there's very few things that arefree from any racist slant.

You know what they are?

Two things:the soul and bills.

Bills don't care.

Bills don't carewhat your race or religion,

what happened in your past--bills don't care.

They don't know racial slurs.

Bill collector don't useracial slurs.

Like, if you're Jewish andyou don't make a car payment,

they just take the car.

There's no race inflammatorynote where the car used to be.

"Well, since your people areused to walking a lot anyway..."

( clears throat )

( laughter )

"...maybe you canwalk on down here

and make a payment on this car."