Interracial Wedding Photographer

  • Season 2 , Ep 1
  • 04/01/2014
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Photographer Martin Daniels specializes in capturing moments from even the most objectionable of weddings. (1:24)

(man)Your wedding day.

Memories that willlast a lifetime.

And you deserve to have thosememories captured by a true

professional,not ruined by some hack

who can't accommodatedifferent skin tones!

Click! Hi, I'mMartin Daniels,

Interracial WeddingPhotographer.

I'll make sure your wildlymismatched skin pigments

don't stand in the way ofa flawless wedding portrait.


My work speaksfor itself.

I photographed literallydozen of satisfied couple,

like these two here.

Wendy is Asian and Josh is,guess what, a Jew.

Real original, Josh.


My two separate but equal lightmeters allow me to capture

the pastiest whitesand the darkiest darks.

Even though your union doesn'tlook right through the Lord's

eyes, I'll stilltake the picture.

Who am I, jury duty?

And my specialized editingsoftware lets me disguise

the disapproving looksfrom your relatives.

Can I do Persianand black? Yes!

Jewish and Namibian?Yes!

Irish and indecipherable?Why not?

Korean and Mexican?


No you have to drawthe line somewhere.

Will I photographsame race couples?


I offer a 30% Stick WithYour Own Kind discount, click.

But if you insist on saying,"I do" to someone who grew up

in a house that smelleddifferent than your house,

you can count on me,Martin Daniels,

Interracial WeddingPhotographer.