Jeff Dunham - South Beach Interview

South Beach Comedy Festival 2008 Season 1, Ep 2 01/22/2008 Views: 94,070

Walter gives the Internet three months, tops. (1:18)

-So Walter, youenjoying the Festival?

-Uh, no.


And you've beento all the events?

-Haven't been to anything.

And I don't give a damn, either.

-You-- you want to come back?

-Oh, yes.

It's been fantastic.

-Um, you like Florida?

-I love Fort Lauderdale.

-Well, that's good.


And Miami, not so much.


-I don't know.

Miami, is that still partof the United States?


I think so.

-Oh, good.

OK, fine.

What else do you want to know?

No one cares.

It's so fun being outsidein the humidity, you know,

and I'm in a sweater.

Thank you for that.

-You're welcome.

-Shut up.

No one cares.

-What have you foundinteresting in South Beach?

-Uh, I love South Beach.

I love this part ofFlorida, because everyone

here looks exactly like me.


-Yeah, a lot of old folks,a lot of noisy music.

I can't hear myself talk.

No one speaks English.

What a fantastic place to be.

-That's very nice.

So Walter, are you enjoyingthe internet thing?

-Oh, yes, fantastic.

I get on the internetall the time.

It's a fad.

I give it three months, tops.

Hey, where's Dave Attell.

I love Dave Attell.

I got to talk to thefrickin' camera guy.

I want the bald guy thatdrinks and smokes pot.

That's who we need.