Omicronian Express

T.: The Terrestrial Season 7, Ep 16 06/26/2013 Views: 5,837

The Planet Express crew explores the forbidden planet of Omicron Persei 8 and steals some herbs. (2:29)

We can't get through.

The planet's blockaded.

That won't stop us.

Activate cloaking device.

There's no such thing.

Then engagedeflector shields.

That's from TV, Geordi.

Well, what sort ofstealth technology do we have?

A can of paint.

(can rattling)

(computer beeping)

Sir, there's anOmicronian ship

requesting safepassage home.

Home, eh?That's where I live.

Let them throughthe blockade.

Okay, buddy upand look out for Omicronians.

It's up to everyone to gettheir partner back alive.

Fry, you go with Bender.

Amy, with Leela.

And I'll go with...

Screwed again, my friend.

(quiet ethereal humming)

Hey, Bender,you better check your ass.

I thinkit's leaking enchantment.

That's not enchantment,it's the herbs!

Bender'selectric field

is activating theirbioluminescence.


We'll needscientific samples.

Everyone, start fillingthese dime bags.


Whoa, a palace!

Parapets, battlements,

everything my Big Book of Castles promised.

I'm gonna sneak a closer look.

Bender, you'll let me know ifwe have to cheese it, right?

First Law of Robotics, baby.

(vehicles approaching)


Five-O, five-O!

Five what?

Five Omicronians!

Everyone, grab your buddyand get back to the ship!

Coming through!

Is everyone on board?

I got my buddy.

Hermes is my buddy.

Bender, where's Fry?

I saw himin the, uh, kitchen.

With Dinah.

You know, the dyno-maticfood-service robot.

Let's go already!

(guns clicking)

I smell the stinkof Earth humans.

Fan out!

They got away,Your Scaliness.

We must have just missed them.

The ground is still warm.

(whimpers quietly, gulps)