Andy Woodhull - Little Girl Farts

Andy Woodhull Season 4, Ep 6 09/19/2015 Views: 2,142

Andy Woodhull's two little girls make him laugh so much that he sometimes accidentally encourages them to be extra disgusting. (1:44)

The kids make me laugh a ton.

My two little girls.I love 'em so much.

They make me laugh constantly.

The younger one had a cold,so we gave her a little NyQuil.

And she came in our roomabout an hour later,

and she said, "Mommy,

my imagination is scaring me."

"That meansthe NyQuil's working perfectly.

"Do you know how tough it is

"to catch a buzz off NyQuiland not fall asleep?

"You've achievedsomething at ten

"that I struggle to doas a grown man.

"I'm gonna doa couple shots myself,

"see if I can't goon this journey with you.

"Tell me again how many unicorns

"were huntingthe fairy princess.

"I'm gonna saddle up,

"get my magic bow and arrow,

"meet youin the enchanted forest.

This is a daddy/daughter event,right now."

You do have to be careful

what you laugh at,though, around kids.

That's something thatI've learned the hard way.

Be careful what you laugh ataround kids.

Kids love to make you laugh,and they have zero integrity

about coming upwith new material.

They find something that works,and they run it into the ground.

The biggest onein our house is farting.

I wish I wouldn't have laughed

the first timeI heard them fart out loud.

And I was not prepared

for the soundof a little girl fart.

I was... I thought...I thought a little girl fart

would be sweet, I really did.

I thought...

I thought it would be likea kazoo or something.

Or a slide whistle.

I thought... I thoughtit would be a whimsical noise.

That is not the realityof that situation.

These two little girlsfart like my grandpa farted

when he was in the nursing home

and didn't even knowthat he was farting anymore.


gas would escape from his body,

and then the sound andthe vibration would startle him.

He would go,"Oh, God, what was that?

"Are we backin the war right now?

"I smell sulfur.

There must be incoming."