Harland Williams - Church

Harland Williams Season 1, Ep 7 04/21/1998 Views: 5,424

Those priests sure do love to talk. (1:18)


I'm there every Sunday.

I haven't seen you people.

[cheers and applause]

I love going to church.

Every Sunday, I'm there.

The only thing I don't like

about it, those priests sure do

like to talk, don't they?

Oh, they love to talk and talk,

and they don't like it when you

talk in church, do they?

Oh, no, they don't like that


Like, last Sunday, I'm in


Priest is blabbing away.

It's just a little tiny quiet

spot in his sermon, just

a little, little tiny spot.

I stood up in the middle of the

church, and all I said was,


I smell ass!"

Come on, now, won't you, hey?

Government would never allow


If pop star, pop diva Deborah

Harry from Blondie got together

with first lady Barbara Bush

and tried to put a cop show

on NBC, they'd have to call it

"Harry [bleep]."