Matt McCarthy - Planned Parenthood T-Shirt

Hart, Miller, List, Lynn, McCarthy, Molondes, Averill Season 3, Ep 0305 07/11/2008 Views: 2,730

The fact that an "I had an abortion" t-shirt exists brings up a whole series of questions. (1:39)

So, uh, did you guys know this?

Planned Parenthood usedto sell a T-shirt...

All right, all right.

Planned Parenthoodhas a gift shop.

A) Dude, we know that.


B) They used to sell a T-shirt,

and this is whatthe T-shirt said.

Big, bold lettersin plain English.

It said, "I had an abortion."

(laughter and groans)

Has anyone ever seenthis T-shirt?

This is absolutely true.

Absolutely true.

Now, the factthat this T-shirt exists,

brings up a fairly obviousseries of questions.

Um, question number one:What the (bleep)?!


Question number two:Who is buying this T-shirt?

'Cause, like, unless

you're gettingthe most outrageous gag gift

for Mother's Day...


Open it up, Mom! Open it up.

Open it up.

Open it up. Open it up.

Open it up right now.

Open it right now.

Everyone get in here!


Open it up. Open it up.

You wish!

Ah, you wish!

(laughing):Oh, you wish.

You wish.


Oh, oh, I'm still here.

I'm still here.




Happy... Happy Mother's Day.