Ryan O'Flanagan - Desperately Calling Dad & Wetting the Bed

Sidekicks Season 3, Ep 2 03/10/2016 Views: 1,241

Ryan O'Flanagan admits that he still calls his dad for advice about car repairs and explains how his parents handled his bed-wetting problem. (1:45)

I just turned 27. Which is-

[people cheer]Thanks.

That's like--That's like an adult.

That's like a grown-up age,I guess.

I don't know--I don't know what age is

the cut-off that you got to stopcalling your dad

every time you goto the mechanic.

I always pretend it's notmy dad, too, on the phone,

'cause I'm all, like,embarrassed

in front of the mechanic.

He'll be, "Hey, parts and labor,that will be $580."

And I'm like,"Oh. Can I--

"I'm gonna call mybusiness partner real quick

"just to--we share the expenseof the vehicle.

"Hey, Mom, is Dad home?

"I do want to talk to you,but is Dad--

"Is Dad home, though?Can I talk to Dad, though?

"Could we not do this right now?

"Because I'm at the mechanic,and I'm trying not to cry.

"Trying not to cry.

"'Cause he's foreign,and he's stressing me out,

"and I'm trying not to cry?

"Dad! Hey, Dad!

"I have a--I have a question.

"It's--I--I know it.I'm--it's a joke.

"[laughing nervously]It's basically I'm joking.

"I'm not stupid,but if you could say it--

"if you could say itin your words,

"in your own words,if you could explain it

"the way you talk,in your words,

"what is--what is--like, what is--

what is a deductible?"


"'Cause I looked it up, but I--can you say it, as my dad?

"'Cause they're takingthe bumper off of the c--

"they're deductingthe bumper from--

"is the bumper the deductibleof the car, yes?

Is that correct, yes?Yes, Papa?"


I wasn't--I wasn'tan easy child to raise.

I used to wet the bed...too much.

I'll say too much.

I wet the bed too much.

It, like, drove my parentscrazy, to the point

they had to go out--this is kindof, like, embarrassing.

They had to go out and buy,like, a--like a plastic cover

to put over my faceto try to kill me.