Headlining the New Orleans Comedy Festival

Nose Business Like Show Business Season 1, Ep 5 12/16/2013 Views: 635

Brody gets booked to headline a comedy festival in New Orleans, and he enthusiastically prepares for the trip. (1:44)


Hey, Zach, it's Brody.

ZACH (ON PHONE) Hey, Brody, sorry, I have a telemarketer on the other line.

Ah, great news, I booked theNew Orleans Comedy Festival.

You booked the New Orleans Comedy Festival?

Yeah, it's gonna look goodon my resume.

So, Hangover 3 or whatever.Where are you right now?


I'm in New Orleans.

Yes! Looks likeI'm going to New Orleans.

Brody going for the ComedyFestival... you got it!

Zach and Brody in another movie.

Got my gray shirt, got my poloshirt, got that shirt.

Basic Word List, that goes in.

Post-it notes, positivity notesI like to call these.

5-hour Energy, Muscle Milk,something in a bag.

Toiletries, gotta brushyour teeth.

Perfect up, bingo, bingo.Slap it, done.

Zach, I'm on the comeback.

I'm doing this festival...

New Orleans Comedy Festival.

I'm actually headlining it.

Who else is in the festival?

I don't know.

A lot of festival audiences...

are made up of other regularregional comics.

So you've never heardof anyone else on the--

CAMERA (O.S.)How big is the room?

It's maybe 80, capacity.

CAMERA (O.S.) 80?Yeah.

Give a warm welcometo Brody Stevens.

This is the first festivalthat I'm headlining.