Jessi Klein - Orgasm Face

Jessi Klein Season 15, Ep 13 03/04/2011 Views: 23,309

We live in a world of horror, stress and strife -- can't women have their Kit Kat moment? (1:36)

Sometimes people don'tbelieve that this is real,

but this is real.

On the cover of"Cosmo" it said,

"Does he hateyour orgasm face?

"Does he hate it?"

And I was justlike, "What?"

Like, oh, my God!

Like, we live ina world of horror.

You know, ofstress and strife.

Like, can you not justmake your orgasm face,

the one thing where youjust like, let it go.

[audience laughing]

You knowwhat I mean?

Like, make thatyour Kit Kat moment

and give yourself abreak today, you know?

And it makes me so sadto think of women like

looking in the mirror like,"Should I change that?"

Like, "Ah!", you know orlike, "Maybe I should do

"more like a falcon,like, ah-ah!"

[audience laughing]

You know,that's horrible.

And it just makes me havethis fantasy of, like,

me being the editor of"Cosmo" where I can take over

and just like rip awaythe veil of friendship

and just goright at the hate.

You knowwhat I mean?

Like, don't hide it anymore,so we can just run stories

that are like,"Are you pointless?"

[audience laughing]

You know or like, um,"Is your soul fat?"

[audience laughing]

"How to loose that lastfive pounds of your soul."

Or like, um, "How togive a [deleted] job

"while you're crying."

Ha, ha, ha--Which is the only way

that I haveever done it.