Ryan Stout - President

Black, Sirof, Rothenberg, Wilson, Smith, Stout, Bowman Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/2007 Views: 2,600

A woman could never be president. (1:18)

the only racial slur I useonstage.

That's the only one...

For whatever reason, like, a lotof white comics think it's

somehow, like, hipor edgy to get onstage

and use the "N" word.

I don't like that word.I've never liked that word.

I don't ever use it.

I don't even feel comfortablesaying "vinegar."


(laughter continues)

Take your time,explain it to a friend.

I don't care.

I feel like some people laughedand some people just went,

"That's good liberal thinking.We're never...

We're not using that word."

Our next presidentmight be black,

I think that's great.

Next president could be a woman,again, awesome.

I do think this country'svery hesitant

to elect a black presidentbecause of that old saying...

"Once you go black,you never go back."

And I think we're hesitantto elect a woman president

because of the even oldersaying, um... oh...

"A woman couldnever be president."


I hope you had a good time,everybody.