CC:Social Scene - OppSit Dating App

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OppSit, a new dating app, has a simple goal: to pair you up with your complete opposite. (1:45)

- [Voiceover] This episode of CC: Social Scene

is based on your suggestion for odd couples on a date.

- Let's face it,online dating is tough.

Today's dating apps use an algorithm

that sets you up with people you're compatible with,

or most alike.

Dating yourself?

There's no fun in that, I've done it.

That's why we'velaunched OppSit.

The app that works off of a simple premise.

Opposites attract.

OppSit sets you up with someone

you don't think you'll get along with.


I'll let the results speak for themselves.

- As an environmentalistand eco activist,

I never thought I'd be set up with Dale.

- You know,

I never thought I'd fall forsome tree-hugging earthy chick,

but, after one date, I struck oil (laughs).

- I'm a burglar,

but when it came to love, I just couldn't crack that safe.

Who'da thought the most compatible people

would be so incompatible?

- That's why OppSit's so great.

He's my prime suspect

for love.


- I'm busted.

- A butcher and a vegan.

A dog person and a cat person.

A lawyer and virtually anybody else.

Even a hipster and gluten.

OppSit will set you up.

Who knows?

Your greatest nemesis may be the love of your life.

(whale song)

There she blows.


'Cause you just might find romance

where you least expect it.

- Ow.

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