Real Sext Season 1, Ep 2 05/07/2013 Views: 350,871

When a potential boyfriend sends her sexy text messages, Amy struggles to find the right response. (2:03)

Oh, George, I'm so mixed up about everything.

Folks trying to stop us.

( text alert ringing )

They've always triedto run my life.

Like when I wanted to go to adance with a roadie.

( phone ringing )

What's up?

That guy Bobby justtexted me.

The one who wouldn't hook upwith you

'cause yousaid you look like his mom?

No, no, no, no--No, Bobby is the guy--

I hookedup with him--

Well, we didn't reallyhook up

'cause Icouldn't get him hard.

I thought his namewas Graham.

No, thathappened with him, too,

but, no, no, no, Bobby'sthe one I, like,

really, really,really, really like.

What should I do?

Just be yourself.

All right, love you.