Uncensored - Jeff Ross - Meeting the Inmates

Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail Season 1, Ep 101 06/13/2015 Views: 66,387

Jeff Ross interviews prisoners about their lives behind bars and politely asks not to be shanked during his show. (1:58)

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You ready?Yeah.

You go first.Don't be scared.

You first.Don't be scared,come on.

(Jeff)What's up?

What's up?

How you guys doing?

What's up?!

Jeff Ross.

Randy Gray.Nice to meet you guys.

(man)Wave to the camera.

Saturday night,who's coming to the show?

(all exclaiming)

I thought I'd come take a lookaround, get ready for the show.

This a barbershopover here?

Yeah, it's the barbershop.

How you doing?Jeff Ross.

Nice to meet you, man.

What are you in for?Come here.

Assaulted a police officer.

You assaulteda police officer?

Yeah.Oh, my goodness,that's serious, dude.

What was happening?

They tried to take me to jailfor something I didn't do.

And you didn'twant to go?

I didn't want to go.

And who wonthat argument?

The police.

Obviously, they did,you know what I'm saying?

For real.They did.

What's that tattooover here?


What's that mean?

Dirty White Boy.

Dirty White Boy?

Yes, sir.

Who's the (bleep)baddest mother(bleep)

in this dorm?

There's a bunch of them.There are murderers in here.

Well, alleged murderers.

This is high-security dormright here.

You comingto my show tomorrow?

I'm gonna try to.(man)Hell, yeah.


You gotta beon your best behavior.

Yeah.I don't want to get shankedonstage or nothing.

Oh, no.

You bust that shank,doggie.

No, we ain't gonnashank him.

You ain't gonnashank him?

No, we ain't gonnashank him, man.

Shank you very much.


This is wherethe white dudes hang out?


Does anybody ever get offendedby your tattoos?


Anyway, good luck with the restof your stay in jail.

How many years?99.

Dude, you should get(bleep) six million years

for every Jew that diedin the Holocaust.


(bleep) this, man.