Assignment: Republican Leadership Conference Season 1, Ep 4 06/28/2006 Views: 2,489

Kevin participates in a roundtable discussion and doles out some hard truth about the media. (3:37)

And I was oneof the founders

of the media division

of the American PsychologicalAssociation.

My name isKevin Beekin.

For those who needan introduction,

I'm an award-winning journalist.

I've wona local Emmy.

But in truth...

I'm just a gypsytumbling around the globe

chasing truth.

Which is, as you know,quicksilver.

The more you tryto grasp it,

the more it slips

through your hands.

News-- because I am

the face of itin Spokane, Washington,

is my life,

my lover,my mistress,

my best friend.

And I will fight to the deathto defend it.

And with that, I relinquishto you, Mr. Chair.

MAN:So let's start outon a very basic level--

what is the news?

News is information

that is presentedto the mass of public.

And what qualifiesas "breaking news"?

Well, I would say, if the newsisn't broken, don't fix it.

( Kevin chuckles )


Kidding, kidding, kidding.

Seriously, I know I haven'tgone broke from the news.

Believe me,I would know it.

I'm not broke.

Kidding.I'm kidding.

Seriously though,

I can only say if you breakthe news, you bought it.

( laughing )

You bought the news--imagine that.

Kidding. Kidding, please.

I'm, of course, joking.

Breaking newsis very serious.

It's as importantas the nitrogen we breathe.

Um, people often accuseFox News

of being a hegemony.

Mr. Beekin, as a memberof the television press,

do you think there's any truthto that claim?


Hegemony, huh?

I don't... ( chuckles )...

I can't believe I'm gettingthis question again.

I always getthe hegemony question.

it's hegemony thisand hegemony that.

I mean, it's a virtual softball

that I hitout of the park often.

I, uh, don't want to talk abouthegemonies tonight, please.

FLOYD:You know, there wasn'ta healthy debate,

in my opinion,

until Fox News came along.

Fox is a political arm--respond.

It's a political armof what?

Of a hegemony.

I don't understandwhat you mean by that.

Do you think Fox is...?Do youor don't you? Fox, you know, controlledby the government? No.

Have you ever had a conversationwith Bill O'Reilly?

Yes.Have you ever had a drinkwith Bill O'Reilly?

I haven't had a drinkwith him, no...

All right, there.That's where itgets real.

( laughing )

I don't know whythat's funny.

Because you'reall over the map.

I'm not.You're...

You're funny.You're a map.

You're a mapof disappointment

and not backing things up.

Mr. Beekin, as a televisionreporter,

do you think that journalisticintegrity or the lack thereof

affects the waythe news is reported?


I talked to a womanwho lost her homein a mudslide.

And she was veryvulnerable

and sought solacein my arms.

And I had to refuse

her proposal

because I havejournalistic integrity.

And she had thosesausagey fingers, you know.

They're just like...

Almost likepuppet hands,you know?

And she wasegg-shaped.

And I never trustegg-shaped people.

They're just...they seem dishonest.

And I also justwant to say

that I will be signingautographs in the back.

Uh, if you wantto talk more to me,

just don't makea big line.

Did anyone not getan autograph?

This guy heredidn't get one.

You're not lingering

for one of these,are you?

No? Oh, okay.