Save the Fat Americans

Baby Not from Booty Season 2, Ep 1 10/05/2011 Views: 73,231

Nick makes an earnest plea for starving families everywhere to help save a fat American. (1:25)

Announcer: For just $21 a month,

you can buy diet pills for an overweight American.

If you've lived through a famine

then you understand the pain a fat person feels

when they show up at a Wendy's and the drive-thru is closed.

For the price of a cow

or eight monthsof feeding your family,

you can make a difference.

For just $34

you can build a schoolhousefor your village

or a reinforced toilet seatfor a fat American family.

Together we can end the cycle of shame and hardship

suffered by millionsof Americans

surrounded by just too much delicious food.

For the price of feeding your whole village for a year,

you can buy a Rascal that can transport

a fat American from his car to the grocery store.

For 40ยข a day

I send one bagof carrots a week

to a fat man in Wisconsin.

It feels good to knowI am making a difference.

"Dear Khala,

It is Rory.

I went tothe state fair today

and had fried cupcakes.

But ate your carrotsfor dessert."

Announcer: Please call 1-800-555-0199. There is no obligation.

For the price of schoolbooks and malaria medicine,

you can help make Americans slightly less fat.

Together we can make a difference.

( rattles )