Dan Cummins - Spokane

South Beach Comedy Festival 2007 Season 1, Ep 1 01/23/2007 Views: 4,996

Dan Cummins compares Miami, Florida to Spokane, Washington. (1:08)

-Oh, look who elseis on the red carpet.

We're here with Mr. Dan Cummins.

-Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

-One of the comics performingon the Lincoln Road stage

this week here at the SouthBeach Comedy Festival.

Dan, you're fromSpokane, Washington?

-Actually, uh, Riggins, Idaho.

But yeah, I live in Spokane now.

Yeah, Spokane man.

-All right.

And does Spokane comparewhat South Beach, Florida?

They're pretty comparable?

-Yeah, it's pretty identical.

Like, sometimes I think thatI'm in Spokane when I'm walking

around here, like bythe beach in 70 degree

weather and all thebeautiful people.

I'm like, am I in myneighborhood or in Miami?

-It's hard to tell.


-I mean, the peopleare all to similar.

Dan and I are both doingthe outdoor Lincoln

Road stage here at the Festival.

How do you like the outdoorshow setting so far?

-Um, you know, eight-year-oldkids and homeless people are

a big target demographic forme, so I feel good about it.

-They're everyone's targetdemographic these days.

-Right, yeah.

Uh, senior citizens, smallchildren, and homeless people.

If I could havethat every show, I

think my career wouldbe a lot further along.

-I think it would be great, too.

-Actually, it is fun, though.

It's a lot more fun thanI was, uh-- it's fun.

-Dan, thank you forchatting with us.

Dan Cummins, performinghere at the South

Beach Comedy Festival.