Chuck Sklar - Shrinks

Katz, Barry, Sklar Brothers Season 2, Ep 11 05/26/1993 Views: 705

All psychiatrists see a psychiatrist. (1:31)

because I just found outthat he's in therapy, which

apparently is commonpractice, right?

All psychiatristssee a psychiatrists.

So the most neuroticportion of the population

is in charge of mental health.

Why do I waste mytime and money, folks?

I mean, if my car breaksdown, I call a tow truck.

I don't look for anotherstranded motorist.

Form a support group.

Welcome to Jump Starts.

Back it on in.

We can help you.

Truthfully, I should have knowmy shrink was a little crazy,

because the first sessionhe says to me, Chuck, you

shouldn't live inthe past, because you

could die from smallpox.

Shut up.

If you've never been intherapy, here's what it's like.

You go to thistiny little office.

Pay the guy a fortune.

He says one thingevery three months.

It's completely disturbing.

Last time my shrinks spoke,he was like, Chuck, you desire

sexual relationswith your mother.

I said, I would have paidyou not to tell me that.

A lot of money, but--

But I commit the perfect crime,and you'll appreciate this

if you've ever been in therapy.

Perfect crime-- Istopped paying my shrink.

He took me to court.

I pleaded insanity.

Yeah, he had to testifyas my expert witness.

So that was an added bonus.