Terrible People Season 1, Ep 9 06/25/2013 Views: 26,817

Show writer Tig Notaro asks Amy to participate in a 5-K to promote cancer awareness, but Amy tries her best to get out of it. (3:46)

Hey, you busy?

Oh no, I'mjust browsing new sources.

Come in, come in, bitch,what's up?

Well, you know I'm just gettingover breast cancer, right?

I know, I know.


Your cancer is like, allI think about.


Pretty much.

I bet you don't think about itas much as I think about it.

Well, I think aboutit more than you'd think.

Well, good, thenyou'll probably be excited

about the reason formy visit.

There's a 5K breast cancerrun in a few weeks

and I'm trying toget people--

Stop immediately.


Of course, I'm in.

What's the maximum pledge?

50, 100, what?

There's actuallynot a maximum pledge.

Okay, okay, 25.

That's really generousof you--Oh, it's nothing.

But I was wanting to see ifyou would be willing

to run it with me.


Like, howdo you mean?

You know, I mean, you'rea thing.

People would be excitedto pay money for you to run.

Yeah, I don't know that I'ma thing, you know.

I mean, I do get recognizeda lot, but--

I mean, I don't know.

Are other people from theoffice, like,

physicallyrunning this thing?


Like who?





Oh, God,he was raised by people

that weren't his biologicalparents.

Okay, okay.

That's awesome.

The office is represented,all right?

The problem iswith me, I can't.

I can't run, because I bulkup super fast.

Just like thunder thighs.

It's so embarrassing.

Just, God, I really trust you,that's why I'm telling you.

Amy, the reason to run is tohelp raise awareness.

Awareness for what?


Like, I thinkpeople have gotten the memo.

Yeah, I got the memo,

that's whyI had a double mastectomy.

When is it again?

Next Saturday.

Oh, balls!

You said Saturday, right?

Oh, I can't, that is so--God, timing.

I have aKentucky Derby party that day,

and trust me, I would loveto cancel

but Ialready bought a hat.

And those are only hats thatyou would wear at,

like, you know--

They're not,like, all-purpose hats, so.


( phone ringing )Oh, I'm so sorry.

Hi, this is Amy.

Oh, hi Jeff Probst.

Yeah, definitely,Saturday?

Yes, I'll be there,of course I'll be there.

Can I wear a hat?


Okay, you already knowwho that was.

Jeff Probst.

So this istotally gonna cheer you up.

Okay, so Saturday, P. Diddyis having, like,

a dance-a-thon toraise money for chinchillas.

So they can be used incoats again.

Oh, God.

But look, I'm so sorry.

Is there anything else I cando for you?

Like, anything else?

I'm sorry thatmy calendar is so booked.

Actually, yeah.

A bunch of friends were gonnashave their heads

for when Igo through chemo.



That's great.

I can'tdo that, obviously,

'cause a lot of people's jobsare dependent on me

just kind ofkeeping this look, you know?

But I'll tell you whatI will do.

I will continue toget rid of all of my pubes.


( phone ringing )

This is Amy.

Hi, Nick Cannon.

I actually know Nick, tellhim I said hi.

Oh Nick,Tig says hi.

Yeah, oh my God,of course,

of courseI'm doing her 5K, yeah.