Big Jay Oakerson - Settling Down Young - Uncensored

Big Jay Oakerson: Live At Webster Hall Season 1, Ep 1 06/17/2016 Views: 2,963

Big Jay Oakerson dissects his unusual fan base, warns a young couple in the audience against settling down and talks about raising his teenage daughter. (2:10)

Wow, we did it,Webster Hall, huh?

No shit.

My very bizarre fan baseis here.

Purple hair, this fucking DJ.

An Asian guywith long hair and a beard.

You better know karate.

Hot black chick next to a hot

I'm guessing some sortof Middle Eastern something.

Three snowboarders,an awkward black guy,

and loners.

That pretty much sums it up.

Show me a fat Asian,we got this thing covered.

One of these girls your chick?

That's your girl right there?


Married, no.- Not yet.

- Not yet, but you already knowyou're going to.

That's serious as hell.

How long you been together?

- Six years.- Six years?

How old are you?

- 27.- 27?

Don't get married to the chickyou found when you were 21.

That has no chanceof working out, dude.

There's no way.

Were you just crushing pussat 15 or something?

Good for you.

You're gonna do it, dude.Good for you.

Kids, the whole thing,you want, right?

Don't do that.

I did that 13 years ago.

It is quite a price...

for some sweet,sweet pussy, dude.

That is quite a price.

What kind of kids you want,boys, girls?

You don't give a shit as longas they're healthy, right?

- Yes.- Lies.

You want a boy so bad.

I only have a girl,and I want a boy.

I don't even wantany more kids.

I just wish she was a boy.

I tell her that every day...

not with words, with actions.

I peg her in the chestwith a football.

When she's rolling aroundon the ground,

I'm like, "If you were a dude,you'd have caught that."

And then I step over herlike Iverson in the Finals.