Neal Brennan - British News

Neal Brennan Season 1, Ep 4 05/18/2012 Views: 32,864

Even though Neal Brennan loves watching the news, he has discovered that the BBC can make any story sound sad. (2:03)

Uh, yeah, the news is (bleep).

Um, CNN is my network'cause, 'cause CNN,

even when it's bad news,it's kind of good on CNN.

But you know who's gotthe saddest news on Earth?

You ever accidentally watchthat British news?

Know what I'm talking about--that BBC News,

those sad-ass British accentson there?

Just the way they pronouncecountries on there

bums me out, like...

(in British accent):Afghani-stan.


Like, they could makeany news story sound sad

on the BBC, like...

"Today packs of wood nymphstraveled

"the hillsides of New Jersey

handing out chocolate chipcookies and (bleep) jobs."

We got to stayout of New Jersey.


Lot of time on the Internetas well.

I heard about this Web siterecently called,

called It Gets Better.

You guys know what this is?

All right, if you don't knowwhat it is, it's a Web site,

uh, where gay teenagersthat are getting bullied

by Tracy Morgan-- kidding.

"I'm gonna stab you."

I'm kidding.

No, gay teenagers that aregetting bullied at school--

they can go onlineand adult gay celebrities

have little videos for 'emgoing, like, "Hey,

"I know you're getting bulliednow, but just so you know,

it gets better."

Which sounds nice,but it's actually

just some empty Hollywood stuff

'cause if I was oneof the gay kids, I'd be like,

"So, celebrity,you can't help me today?"

Celebrities are like, "Today?

"No, we're afraidof the bullies as well,

but best of luck to you."

You know what Web site would be

way more effectivethan It Gets Better?

Web site called It Gets Worse

where all the people that weresuper-popular in high school

had to leave videosabout what losers they became

later on in life.

Wouldn't that be great?


Actually, wait, they have that.

It's called Facebook.