Kyle Kinane - California's Alternate Reality

Kyle Kinane: Loose in Chicago Season 1, Ep 1 10/15/2016 Views: 4,262

Kyle Kinane describes the ways in which California has allowed him to hold a onto his youth a little too tightly. (1:06)

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I live in this own alternatereality

that I've put togetherfor myself.

I live in this perceived realitythat I created,

because I moved to Californiayears ago.

And Californiais a magical place

where you get to pick outwhichever age you like the best,

and then you getto stay that age,

'cause everybody elseis doing it too.

No, it's great.

You just get out there, like,

What'd you like the best,Kyle, 19?

You're 19 forever.

Keep being 19, dude.

Keep doing it.

Keep wearing skateboard shoes.

You don't have to tell people

that you have orthopedic insertsin them

because you haveplantar fasciitis so bad

that you tip over in the morningtrying to take a piss.

You don't haveto tell anybody that.

So that's the land I live in.

It's just perceived reality.

And then it's destroyedby reality reality.

Like, I found out I had gout

the same daymy ghost hunting equipment

showed up from EBay.