JR De Guzman - Graduating from College & Filipino Pride

Sacramento Season 1, Ep 4 10/23/2016 Views: 1,102

JR De Guzman explains why he’s excited to be a college graduate and reveals what type of people make him weak in the knees. (2:11)

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- All right, you guys.I'm excited to be here.

I'm celebrating.I just graduated from college.

[cheers and applause]Yeah.

Whoo.Yeah, thank you.

Thank you.Okay. All right.

You know, the best thingabout that is, like,

I'm a man now, you know?

Yeah, like, I don't have to callmy parents to ask them

for money, you know?

Yeah, 'cause nowI live with them.

[cheers and applause]

So, like,I can just knock.

I'm like, "Dad, wake up.The pizza guy needs his tip."

You know?It's crazy. It's crazy.

But give it up for him.He dropped me off, you know?

Like, yeah.[cheers and applause]

Yeah. All right.

I wanted to do something specialright here for y'all.

Here I go.[guitar plays]

All right, here we go.♪

By the way, I'm not Chinese.I'm Filipino.

Thank you.

Yeah, just in caseanybody here is racist.


Some of you are like, "I thoughthe was Chinese this whole time."

But I love being Filipino.I saw this commercial--

when we moved here,I saw this commercial,

and I learned that,being Filipino,

that I can feed myselffor only $0.63 a day.

It's like, "What?"

You know? Are you guysstill paying full price?


That's crazy, dude.

Just say you're Filipino.Try it.

And--it's cool, man.I'm not a man's man.

I do a lot of musical comedy.I'm not a man's man.

My best friend,he's a man's man, you know?

By which, I mean he hasa very possessive, gay husband.



And, you guys, I'm not gay,but, like, every time I see

a black guy with light eyes,like, I forget my own name.



She's like, "Me too."

Oh, no,I see both of them up here.

I see both of them up here.

Why do you thinkI'm looking in the back?

Trying to just keep it up here.

Keep strumming.♪