A Beautiful Railroad-Style Apartment

Apartment Hunters Season 1, Ep 9 03/19/2014 Views: 31,978

An eccentric broker named Pam tries to sell Abbi on an apartment that's missing at least one key feature. (1:42)

(computer voice) I heard "Oppertimer."

Op-er-a-tor. Oppenheimer.

Thank you so muchfor coming with me.

I can't live in this apartmentfor another second.

Human being! Huge feelings.

What's happening here?

I cancelled my cablenine months ago.

They are stillcharging me,

and I'm gettingan overdraft fee every day.

Did you returnyour cable box?

Yeah, you camewith me, remember?

That old lady spiton you in line.

Oh, right.That was...

Human being!

Human being.

Cumin braiding.Where is this broker?

Just, I wannamove out immediately.

Hi, girls.It's me, Pam.





I'm Abbi.We spoke on the phone.

Don't shake my hand,it was just down my pants.

Let's find you your dreamapartment, shall we?

Yeah.Let's go here.

(Pam)Beautiful day.

Well, what do you think?

It's a hallway.

It is a beautiful

railroad-style apartmentin your budget.

Where's the bathroom?

Where isn't the bathroom?

Jeez, wear a catheter,go in the corner.

You can fita king size bed in here.

Yeah, if you fold it uplike a taco.

God, why am I soturned on right now?

Ew, Pam, this placeis horrible.

Let's just move on.

Look, don't bully me,all right-- I can't take it!

I was cyberbullied withinan inch of my life last night.

I make dollsout of human hair.

Who's thirsty?